Russia’s Arctic Prize Won’t Be as Big as Many Think

By Nick Cunningham: Gazprom sent its first shipment of oil from its controversial Russian Arctic offshore platform on April 18, a landmark event that Russian President Vladimir Putin said would contribute to economic growth. “The start of loading the oil produced at Prirazlomnaya means that the entire project will exert a most encouraging influence on […]

China to Ban High Sulfur Coal Imports

By Nick Cunningham: In an effort to clean up the choking smog in many major Chinese cities, the Chinese government plans onbanning imports of high sulfur coal. It will still import coal, but will instead only allow coal of a higher quality that will contribute less to air pollution. The central government has made tackling air pollution […]

Abe Government Moves Toward Upgrading Japan’s Nuclear Facilities

Three years after the nuclear catastrophe that struck TEPCO’s Fukushima complex, the Japanese government of Prime Minister Shinzuo Abe is slowly sidling back towards restarting Japan’s idled NPPs. On 25 February Abe announced Japan’s new Basic Energy Plan, which sees nuclear power as an important base load energy source and overturns a promise made by […]

Great Graphic: International Comparison Energy Efficiency

This Great Graphic comes from the blog.  The data comes from the World Bank and the Canadian International Council.  It shows three different ways of thinking about of energy efficiency. The top chart looks at CO2 emissions.  How much carbon is generated is a standard measure.  he US and China are the world’s largest economies and they produce […]

China Drills Into ‘Roof of the World’ to Help Alleviate Foreign Resource Dependence

By Rory Johnston: From copper to iron to oil, China is the world’s leading importer of almost every raw mineral. Wary of the risks this dependence brings, Beijing is looking ever inward to exploit the mineral wealth of its interior, including the politically contentious and technically challenging Tibetan Plateau. The most recent development is a […]

Ukraine Standoff Escalates; Could South Stream Be in Doubt?

By Nicholas Cunningham: When completed, the South Stream pipeline will run from Russia, underneath the Black Sea to Bulgaria, and on to Western Europe. It will carry Russian natural gas to Europe while bypassing Russia’s neighbor Ukraine. Russia clearly finds this pipeline to be strategically important – the Kremlin would be able to operate with […]

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