Egypt Attracts $8 billion to Its Energy Sector

The final results of the Arab Spring’s impact on Egypt after more than two years of political turmoil remain to be seen, but Egypt’s Oil and Mineral Resources Minister Sherif Ismail is sounding an upbeat note about overseas investment, stating that foreign energy companies operating in Egypt have emphasized their commitment to research and exploration plans as […]

China’s Hydrocarbon Buying Spree Hits $19 Billion

Sinopec is buying up assets around the world, racking up over $22 billion in oil and gas asset deals since 2010 in the UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and Egypt. Recently, Sinopec said it would purchase a 10% stake in Marathon Oil Corp’s oil and gas field in Angola for $1.5 billion—it’s second purchase […]

What Next for U.S. Foreign Policy in Egypt?

Around the web, commentators remark upon the latest developments in Egypt, declaring it a lose-lose outcome for the U.S., which risks losing it best regional ally, and of course for the Egyptian people, who find their political scene fractured beyond repair. New York Times columnist Roger Cohen outlines the importance of the so-called Arab Spring: […]

Egypt, Take 3: No End to the Carnage

The Egyptian military had a great opportunity to remake the revolution on 3 July when it overthrew the moribund and definitely failed post-revolutionary Muslim Brotherhood experiment—but it has squandered that opportunity by resorting to sheer violence, and the interim government that has backed it will not recoup from the carnage. As of Sunday morning, at least […]

Egypt’s Economic Future and and the Need for Outward Strategy

The Egyptian economy, currently in dire straits, is vital to the country’s stability, and stability in Egypt is a central interest of Israel as well. While in the long term, future governments can adopt and implement policies to improve Egypt’s economy, the short term impact of the recent political revolution exacerbates the current conditions. Adopting […]

How Fuel Subsidies Around the World Burden the Rich and the Poor Alike, with Lessons for the US

I have posted frequently (most recently in a three-part series that starts here) on the topic of underpricing of energy in the United States, but we are not the only offender. Many countries around the world subsidize consumer energy prices in ways that bring them to levels even lower than what U.S. consumers pay. These […]

Market Celebrates Egypt’s Coup, But It’s Not Over Yet

The situation in Egypt has not been tenable since the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi took over, post-revolution, but now that the military has stepped in, ousted Morsi and placed him in detention, foreign investors are celebrating. No one knows what’s going to happen next, but the general consensus—at least for investors—is that things […]

The ‘Tamarrod’ (Rebellion) Is Planned For June 30

June 30 marks the first anniversary of the presidency of Muhammad Mursi in Egypt. It also will mark what opposition parties are referring to as the “tamarrod,” massive demonstrations demanding new presidential elections. The opposition claims to have collected 15 million signatures demanding that Mursi step down for his efforts to transform Egypt into a […]

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