Ecuador’s Performance Challenges Perceptions About Leftist LatAm Governments

The Wall Street Journal has written it’s latest “just so” article about how leftist Latin American leaders (Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela) are bad and rightist Latin American leaders (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru) are wonderful.  It quotes favorably this dismissal of progressive leaders. “’We set out to create the Pacific Alliance because we wanted to set ourselves apart from […]

Why Is the Economist Chortling Over the Prospect of Oil Pollution in Ecuador?

The Economist has increasingly been copying the descent of the Wall Street Journal into dogma.  One of it perennial hates is President Rafael Correa of Ecuador. Correa, an economist, has committed the unforgivable offense of succeeding through economic policies that The Economist despises.  This is passing strange because Correa’s four foundational policies are expanded health care, expanded education, improved infrastructure, […]

Ecuador: Bank Spreads, Taxes, Executive Compensation and Growth

(Cross Posted at One of the distinctive features of banking in scores of developing nations is the very large spreads between the rate of interest they pay their depositors and the rate they charge borrowers.  Academics have frequently focused on the exceptionally high spreads in Latin America in articles published over the last three […]

Taxes on Companies

Tax regimes differentiated by company size harm productivity.

Latin American companies must dedicate an average of 320 hours a year to preparing their tax returns compared to an average of 177 hours in developed countries. Colombian firms are relatively fortunate, spending less time on these tasks than their other Latin American counterparts; even so, companies dedicate an average of 208 hours annually to tax procedures. Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela are at the other extreme: between 600 and 2,600 working hours are wasted per company.

Latin American CDS: Fully Recovered, What are the Risks?

Editors Note: The Following RGE premium content, “Latin American CDS: Fully Recovered, What are the Risks?” is available to paid clients. Bertrand Delgado, Elisa Parisi-Capone and Alejandro Rivera, take a close look at Latin America’s 5 year CDS fundamental and counterparty risk dynamics.  They examine the extent to which counterparty risks explain the sharp movement […]