The Global Crisis, the Shaky Recovery and the Road Ahead: Interview With L. Randall Wray

I hope that all of you saw the very nice feature on Wynne Godley in the NYTimes. It’s about time he got the notice he deserved. I just came across a juicy quote from Wynne: Wynne Godley: “I want to say of neoclassical macroeconomics what I have sometimes said of certain kinds of fiction; I […]

The Economic Crisis: Causes, Consequences, and What’s Next

I’ll be joining Frank Partnoy and Robert Brenner at a conference at UCLA tomorrow afternoon. I gave a preview in an interview on KPFK’s Beneath the Surface with Suzi Weissman; you can listen to it here: It is the Friday Feb 22 show. Details of the conference are contained on this flyer: Partnoy Wray Brenner flyer 1 […]

Martin Wolf Misses the Real Reason the Eurozone’s Unhappy Marriage Has Not Broken Up Yet

The normally astute and blunt Martin Wolf is either having an uncharacteristic bout of circumspection or is managing to miss an important, arguably determining reason why the Eurozone persists in inflicting destructive austerity on much of its population. As his current column shows, Wolf is under no illusion as to the success of the Eurozone experiment and […]

Eurozone Crisis: It Ain’t Over Yet

All G7 economies are struggling in the post-crisis climate, but US GDP has recovered to pre-crisis levels, while the Eurozone simply hasn’t. This column portrays the global crisis as a transitory shock for the US, but as a quasi-permanent shock for Europe. The policies that are needed get the Eurozone back on track do not […]

A Pessimistic Note on the Euro

On February 7, I gave a talk a the Conference “America: Still A European Power?” in Bologna jontly organized by Johns Hopkins University-SAIS and Bologna University. The title of my presentation was “Why and How the US and the EU Did/Didn’t Come out of the Economic Crisis”. Putting my notes together, I  realized that they gave quite […]

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