Does the Keystone XL Pipeline Still Matter?

Last month it seemed the Keystone XL pipeline was nearing approval, but as with most things surrounding the project, things weren’t as they seemed. A US state department report reviewed the Alberta, Canada–Nebraska pipeline and indicated the project was unlikely to have a significant impact on climate change. This seemed like a significant positive step […]

Iran Reveals Details on New Contracts With IOCs

Iran announced new details on how it will design contracts with international companies seeking to develop Iranian oil and gas reserves, according to Bloomberg. At a conference in Tehran, Iranian officials stated that they will provide incentives for companies developing riskier fields in an effort to lift production. Iran appears to be planning for the eventual […]

Turkish Energy Undersecretary’s “read my lips” moment

Turkish Energy Undersecretary Metin Kilci was quoted by Turkish daily Hurriyet as saying that natural gas prices would not be hiked this year. Since Turkey imports its natural gas, the government has to raise prices when the lira depreciates, as you can see in a graph of natural gas prices and USDTRY: The Undersecretary is […]

The King Is Dead; The CFTC Limps On

  Outgoing CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler delivered his farewell speech on 27th December 2013, calling himself “darn proud” of pretty much everyone associated with his time at the agency, including his daughters and their “Captain Grandpa”. While he gave a full summary of the agency’s achievements under his tenure, he only alluded briefly to the many issues that will […]

China Gobbles Up Assets in Latin America

China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) has agreed to purchase $2.6 billion in Peruvian gas assets from Brazil’s debt-strapped state-run oil company Petrobras as China works fast to increase its Latin America footprint. CNPC, China’s top oil and gas firm, will buy Petrobras Energia Peru SA, which owns three oil and gas blocks in Peru, currently […]

Lower gasoline prices

“U.S. gasoline prices have fallen to their lowest level in nearly 33 months amid a boom in domestic oil drilling”, the Wall Street Journal declared last week. That’s a true statement, but there’s more to the story. Americans are indeed facing the lowest gasoline prices in almost three years, but not by much. The price of gasoline […]