A CFPA Research Brief

By Mike Konczal, aka Mike Rorty, of Rortybomb and The Atlantic   I want to point out this research brief on the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (pdf file) from Law Professor Adam Levitin. At 16 pages, it’s the best one-stop paper I’ve seen for understanding why CFPA needs to pass.   As opposed to specific […]

Clawbacks Coming?

Well, this is exciting and encouraging news: “Kenneth Feinberg, the Obama administration’s pay czar, said Sunday that he had broad and “binding” authority over executive compensation, including the ability to “claw back” money already paid, and he is weighing how and whether to use that power. He also said he has the authority to use […]

The Green Shoots that are Healthy don’t Taste Good to many Administration Officials

As we approach two and a half years of financial crisis and recession, one has to at least begin to inquire why the dynamics continue and what the Administration plans to do about them. So far, the answer seems to be “subsidize the financial services industry” and stage a “reorganization.” But subsidies keep the same […]

Failed Banks List Still Surprises

Friday the FDIC closed another three banks: Community First Bank in Prineville, OR, Community National Bank of Sarasota County in Venice, FL, and First State Bank in Sarasota, Fl. While the FDIC transfers the deposits and liquidates the assets, one must wonder how many more bank failures are to come? With 97 banking institutions having […]

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