EuroGroup – Money For Nothing And Your Debt For Free?

There’s an interesting question about “analysis” which confronts anyone who seriously wants to engage in it: do you organize your focus around what you want to happen (practical policy emphasis) or do you concentrate your efforts in detailing and outlining what you think will happen? Naturally the closer you are to having an ideological discourse […]

The deal that may make or break the eurozone

It is no secret that the top priority of the new Greek government will be to negotiate a reduction in the country’s debt – as well as to broker softer terms on the austerity conditions forced by its creditors. Until as recently as the wee hours of Thursday, I thought that this would be unethical. Here is the […]

QE será, será

I always dismissed arguments that the eurozone’s time as an economic power was up, pointing out the strengths of the common currency area. But I finally realized that I have been wrong all along. I start my latest Hurriyet Daily News (HDN) column by explaining why the Europeans do not know how to conduct monetary policy:)- I […]

Europe’s Stalemate

The causes of the present crisis of the European Union trace back to the past phases of the integration process.  In the 1980s, the series of agreements and common policies of “mutual advantage” among the EU members came to an end. Most economies of scale had been exploited by the EU countries, as an effect […]

The ECB’s Daunting Task

Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank, and the members of the ECB’s Governing Council are receiving praise for the initiatives they announced last week to avoid deflation (see here and here). The immediate impact of the announcement was a rise in European stock prices. But the approval of the financial sector does not mean that the ECB […]

ECB Measures to Boost Bond Performance, Not Growth

Growth is still low … Yet to recover from the 2008-crisis, the global economy faces below-potential growth prospects. Until the developed world pays down sovereign and corporate debt, deleveraging and unemployment will constrain the recovery. Frail consumer confidence, sluggish demand and the ensuing drop in consumption in advanced economies will not be offset by final […]

European Protest Elections: The Tremors Could Shake Transatlantic Ties

Europe’s right-wing protest seeks independence domestically, distance from the US, rapprochement with Russia and new balance with China. Instead of Brussels, Europe is again led by a handful of core economies—Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain—that collectively account for more than 70 percent of the European economy. But what do Europe’s new leaders want? […]

The Euro Area Needs a Growth Stimulus Package

For several months, the outlook for the euro area has improved thanks to the positive results that have been achieved over the national and European level.  Budget deficits have decreased considerably since 2011, particularly in the countries hardest hit by the crisis.  Trade deficits of these countries have disappeared through fiscal consolidation and structural reforms […]