Ryan on Stimulus: As Usual, He fell Off Both Sides of the Horse

Paul Ryan voted for a $715 billion stimulus package: Paul Ryan and the Stimulus: A Match Designed to Make My Head Explode, by Michael Grunwald: My main obsession these days is President Obama’s misunderstood stimulus bill…, but I’m also fascinated by … Paul Ryan and his absurd reputation as a brave deficit hawk. So I thought I’d check out […]

Romney? 100% Chance Of Recession!

In the entire history of official recession dating (beginning in the 1850’s) there is a startling fact: Every newly-elected Republican President has brought a first-term recession.  All of them.  “Always and only” as we hear from a popular data-mining pundit. You can check out the list of GOP Presidents here.  And the official recession dating here.  I […]