The Winter of our Discontent: Obama’s Tenuous Victory

An early winter has descended on the northeast, ushered in by a 100 year storm that has left the coastal portions of much of the mid-atlantic and northeastern states reeling.  Our quadrennial demonstration of the degree to which the entire country is divided and politically irreconcilable was once again upon us last night. Moving into […]

Energy Subsidies in Perspective

In my last piece I mentioned the centrality of alternative energy in the two campaign’s energy platforms (a positive development in Obama’s plan, a point of criticism in Romney’s), but I used the column to focus on oil. In this much shorter piece I want to bring some attention to alternative energy based on an […]

The Ryan Plan and Bipartisan Compromise

I have a dream. Let me begin by making clear my personal position up front. I think America faces a serious long-term fiscal challenge. Not one that needs to be addressed in 2013– trying to fix this all at once would be highly counterproductive. But I believe that the American political system is badly broken. The […]

Whose Plan Destroys Medicare, Obama’s or Romney-Ryan’s?

Stumping in Florida today, Mitt Romney charged President Obama’s Affordable Care Act will “cut more than $700 billion” out of Medicare. What Romney didn’t say was that his running-mate’s budget — approved by House Republicans and by Romney himself — would cut Medicare by the same amount. The big difference, though, is the Affordable Care […]