Romney: The Little People Don’t Pay Taxes

Everyone recalls the quip by Leona Helmsley: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes…”. By “we”, of course, she meant the likes of Mitt Romney. By little people, she meant Romney’s 47% – those not worth the bother. As President, the Mitt made clear, he will not be serving them. And by now […]

Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win

Can Romney possibly recover? A survey conducted between Sept. 12 and Sept. 16 by the Pew Research Center — before the “47 percent victim” video came to light – showed Obama ahead of Romney 51% to 43% among likely voters. That’s the biggest margin in the September survey prior to a presidential election since Bill Clinton […]

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

By now most of you probably know about the video of Mitt Romney at a fund-raiser for rich people dissing 47 percent of Americans, including seniors, one of his core constituencies. (Many seniors don’t pay income tax because they don’t have enough income, since Social Security is not taxed except for high-income households. For more on the […]

Political Polls, Data Analysis and Outliers: Discuss

A quick update on recent posts: First off, the responses to my GOP insider’s email (GOP Sours on Romney) surprised me. I assumed — wrongly apparently –  that after 23,877 posts I would get the benefit of the doubt when I source an item. Regardless, the post was validated the next morning by Politico, whose discussion […]

Romney Dooms His Candidacy by Doing the Full Murray

Charles Murray’s newest book:  Coming Apart: The State of White America proves two classic truths.  First, it is impossible to compete with self-parody.  Second, be careful what you ask for; for you may receive it.  Charles Murray asked right-wing plutocrats (he dismissed left-wing plutocrats as disloyal to their class and to capitalism) to drop what he derided […]

China Neocons Are Back: The U.S. Election

As the national conventions loom ahead, Americans prepare to choose the next president on the basis of economic issues. But it is the return of the neoconservatives that will overshadow the discourse on foreign policy – and China. When President Barack Obama arrived in the White House, nine of ten Americans disapproved the direction of […]

Mitt Romney And Extreme Fiscal Policy

As the presumptive Republican vice presidential candidate, Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin and his plans for the federal budget are drawing increasing interest. Mr. Ryan has been chairman of the House Budget Committee since the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 midterm elections and has articulated a vision for […]

The Five Reasons Why the Ryan-Romney Economic Plan Would Be A Disaster for America

Mitt Romney hasn’t provided details so  we should be grateful he’s selected as vice president a man with a detailed plan Romney says is “marvelous,” “bold and exciting,” “excellent,” “much needed,” and “consistent with” what he’s put out. So let’s look at the five basic features of this “marvelous” Ryan plan. FIRST: It  would boost unemployment […]