Don’t Like the Pope? Go to College

Here’s a clever & timely graphic on the final day of the pope’s visit to NYC: A new Pew Research Center survey shows a clear correlation between higher levels of education and having a favorable view of Pope Francis. Data Curated by and sourced from Gracenote. (Original data from Pew Research Center.)    

Greening Corporate Value Chains Lowers Environmental Impact and Lifts Competitiveness

  Adidas, one of the world’s top two sportswear manufacturers, recently ended its business relationship with 13 of its Asian suppliers as a result of their severe or repeated noncompliance with labor, health, and safety workplace standards at their factories. This is one example of large multinational corporations working harder to demonstrate to their ever-more-demanding stakeholders that […]

Central Banks Policy Asynchronous-ity – A Source of New Risk

Since 2009, the key driver of financial markets has been low rates and abundant liquidity which has boosted all asset prices. The total amount of money pumped into global money markets is around US$10-12 trillion, enough to buy each person on earth a widescreen flat TV.  In the great reflation, according to one estimate, over […]

The Risk of Working Part-time Involuntarily

Abstract This column presents findings indicating that, though longstanding, involuntary part-time work is an important phenomenon that remains largely overlooked. In the U.S. labor market, the number of workers who experience involuntary part-time work is large, and increases dra- matically in recessions. Since no public insurance hedges workers against this risk, its impact on workers’ […]

How Russia Should Change Its Healthcare System?

Vitaly Omelyanovsky – Head of the Center for Studying Healthcare Finances at the Financial Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Finance, MD, PhD, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor. Over the last twenty years, Russia has significantly changed the way it finances healthcare. Before the collapse of the USSR, the nation’s healthcare system had been supported from the budget. […]

The Internationalisation of the Renminbi

According to Dan Steinbock, the internationalisation of the renminbi is accelerating. The inclusion of the yuan in the IMF basket of reserves is now a matter of time. On August 11, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) adjusted the exchange-rate of the Chinese renminbi (RMB) against the US dollar to better reflect market conditions. The net […]

Greece’s Missing Drivers of Growth

Analyses and discussions of Greece’s economic situation usually begin—and often end—with its fiscal policy. The policies mandated by the “troika” of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund have undoubtedly resulted in a severe contraction that will continue for at least this year. But little has been said about the […]

EconoMonitor — Special Announcement

NEW YORK, Jul 21, 2015 — Roubini Global Economics, a leading provider of independent, global macroeconomic research, today announced the formation of EconoMonitor LLC, a new joint venture between Roubini Global Economics and Ashmore Media Group. In August 2015, EconoMonitor LLC will be relaunching the EconoMonitor blog, a community for informed commentary on economic, financial, […]

Illiberal Liberalism: An Existential Threat to Europe

Greece is back to centre of European history, and there it stands like a paradigm. The way Europe deals with Greece reflects Europe’s own image like a mirror. Europe after the Greek crisis will no longer be the same as it was before. In a fine essay on so-called “neoliberalism” published by the European Institute […]

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