The Top 5 Non-Energy Sources of Climate Change

By Nick Cunningham: On June 2, U.S. President Barack Obama announced a sweeping plan to rein in carbon pollution from the nation’s coal-fired power plants. It was the most significant step his administration has taken to address climate change. With the stroke of a pen, he has done more to tackle greenhouse gases (GHG) than any president […]

Water Wars: The Next Clash Between India and China

By Amitava Mukherjee: A China watcher named Claude Arpi has drawn attention to a recently posted article on the website of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission under China’s Ministry of Water Resources. The article speaks of the necessity and feasibility of diverting the waters of some rivers, including the Brahmaputra (called Yarlung Tsangpo in China), to […]

China Declares War on Pollution

On March 5, China’s Premier Li Keqiang declared war on pollution, outlining significant steps the Chinese government will take to improve air quality. China has suffered from truly epic smog over the last two winters, choking its cities’ inhabitants and cutting off visibility. The pollutants in the air have surpassed hazardous levels, at times jumping […]

Economic Implications of Anthropogenic Climate Change and Extreme Weather

In my ten years living in Madison, this has been the coldest thus far. Keeping in mind everything is probabilistic, it’s likely that I have anthropogenic climate change to thank for experiencing this event. [1] [2] [3] (Just like one can’t say Hurricane Sandy was directly a result of global climate change, the likelihood of such events rises with […]

Where’s the Real Cost of Climate Change?

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says it’s time to have a frank conversation about climate issues, putting the matter on the same footing as weapons of mass destruction. The real threat, however, may be in the form of recession fatigue. “Climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps the world’s […]

Bill for Cleaning China’s Air Pollution – $290 Billion

While the extraordinary growth of the Chinese economy has been the business success story of the past two decades, it has come with high environmental costs due to rampant pollution. Now the cost for cleaning up China’s notorious air pollution has been given a price tag – $290 billion,according to Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning deputy […]

Tepco Begins Delicate Job of Removing Fuel Rods From Reactor No.4 of Fukushima Plant

By Joao Peixe: Tepco has begun possibly the most critical process of its clean-up operation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as it attempts to delicately remove the fuel rods, place them in steel casks and transfer them to safer storage facilities. On Monday it carefully extracted the first of more than 1,500 potentially damaged fuel […]

Clock Ticking to Cut CO2 Emissions

The race is on in North America to shield the regional economy from the instability in the Middle East and North Africa casting a shadow over international oil supplies. Russian energy companies, for their part, are scrambling to realign themselves with energy-hungry Asian economies. Coal, meanwhile, remains king because it’s cheaper and more abundant when […]

Why Is the Economist Chortling Over the Prospect of Oil Pollution in Ecuador?

The Economist has increasingly been copying the descent of the Wall Street Journal into dogma.  One of it perennial hates is President Rafael Correa of Ecuador. Correa, an economist, has committed the unforgivable offense of succeeding through economic policies that The Economist despises.  This is passing strange because Correa’s four foundational policies are expanded health care, expanded education, improved infrastructure, […]

Venezuelan Crisis Worsens: Water Twice as Expensive as Gasoline

Due to years of underinvestment in the water processing system, and a rich abundance of crude oil, water in Venezuela is now twice as expensive as gasoline. Residents in Caracas have become wary of tap water after it was discovered that Lake Mariposa, a reservoir that supplies tap water to 750,000 Venezuelans, has become seriously contaminated due […]