The US Posts Unexpectedly Weak Jobs Report For August, But Moderate Growth Trend Still Prevails

Private payrolls increased in August by 152,000 vs. the previous month, a gain that was unexpectedly low. Once again the latest macro data point dispensed a surprise, which is typical. This time it disappointed the crowd, and by more than a trivial degree. Some analysts will jump on the news as a dark sign. It may prove […]

U.S. Nonfarm Private Payrolls: August 2013 Preview

Private nonfarm payrolls in the U.S. are projected to post a monthly increase of 207,000 (seasonally adjusted) in tomorrow’s August update from the Labor Department, according to The Capital Spectator’s average econometric point forecast. The projected gain is substantially higher than the reported increase of 161,000 for July. Meanwhile, The Capital Spectator’s average August projection […]

Does the US Corporate Saving Rate Portend a Lower Unemployment Rate?

An interesting thing happened in Q4 2011: the corporate saving rate declined following two quarters of gains. Nominal net saving by the domestic business sector fell 3%, while nominal gross fixed investment and inventories surged 6% – the two pushed the saving rate down nearly 40 bps to 2.94% of GDP. The corporate saving rate (gross saving […]

Temporary Employment: A New Ugly Rearing its Head in Europe?

Last week Clive Crook opined on some fallacies of labor reform, specifically related to the unions and through the Spanish experience. Labor reform is a highly contentious subject, given its close ties to welfare and politics. Based on Clive Crook’s article, I delved into global temporary employment using OECD data and noticed two things: (1) […]

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