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How Is Inequality Linked to Climate Change, and What to Do About It?

Progressives see climate change and economic inequality as two of the big problems of our time. As the global aid organization Oxfam points out in a recent media briefing paper, “Extreme Carbon Inequality,” the two are “inextricably linked.” But just what is the nature of the linkage? Does inequality cause climate change? Does climate change […]

The Middle East Could Face A Historic Crisis By Century’s End

By Colin Chilcoat of Regarding the Middle East and its oil, the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Saed Al Maktoum, longtime Emir of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, once famously remarked: “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his […]

Qatar in the Global Context – Past and Future Trends

Qatar in the Global Context – Past and Future Trends

photo by: Francisco Anzola Key takeaway – In a challenging global and regional context, Qatar is rising to prominence. The global economy is characterized by weak fundamentals, below-potential growth and low inflation. The regional outlook is hampered by political instability and declining oil prices. By leveraging its resources and location, Qatar is trying to make the […]

Don’t Like the Pope? Go to College

Here’s a clever & timely graphic on the final day of the pope’s visit to NYC: A new Pew Research Center survey shows a clear correlation between higher levels of education and having a favorable view of Pope Francis. Data Curated by and sourced from Gracenote. (Original data from Pew Research Center.)    

How to Reduce the APG Flaring in Russia?

The stagnation of the economy is no reason to lower ecological requirements for oil companies. On September 9 and 10, Khanty-Mansiysk hosted the Global Forum on the gas flaring reduction solutions, organized by the World Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFRP). The event is conducted once every three years, and this month it was […]

The Fed’s Options

RGE’s Kevin Harris has a nice preview of the July FOMC meeting: in brief, FOMC members are locked and loaded, ready for a September hike, though they will refrain from committing to a move and do their best not to cause an overreaction across the yield curve, where too few hikes are priced in relative to the […]

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