Battle Royale: Saudi v. American Oil

Saudi Arabia is trying to strangle American shale oil. They’ve been going at it for months now, and American shale has resisted. Forced into greater efficiency, production is up and American producers look better equipped to face low prices in the future. The Saudis are a bit surprised, but the battle is far from over. […]

Japan’s America Policy: Shrewd and Risky

In a small group, on-the-record meeting with Japanese Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae just days before Prime Minister Abe’s Washington visit, I was able to glean some insight into not only Japan’s goals for the trip, but its long-term strategy for getting more from the US than it wants to give as well. Success is by no […]

Sounding the Alarm on Japan

I just returned from ten days in Japan and boy, I’m worried. The country is facing major challenges on at least four critical fronts: the economy, demographics, energy, and national security. This “quad-fecta” is truly a crossroads for a country ill prepared to address any one of them, let alone all of them. I had […]

How a Coordinated IEA SPR Release Could Enable Russia Energy Sanctions

I read a nice report today from Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) and the owner of Economonitor, Roubini Global Economics (RGE), called “Russia-Ukraine Crisis and Its Implications for Global Energy Markets,” and it gave me an idea: America should export crude to IEA member states who agree to energy sanctions on Russia and participate in […]

For the Three Amigos, It’s Time to Face Their El Guapo

President Obama  is on his way to join Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Enrique Pena Neito in the bustling city of Toluca, Mexico, for the 2014 North America Leaders Summit. The meeting could not come soon enough for the “Three Amigos.” In the 1986 movie, “¡Three Amigos!,” Steve Martin’s character explains how […]

Mexican Nationalism and the De-Nationalization of its Energy

The liberalization of Mexico’s energy laws may be a big deal for big oil companies, North American energy, and trade competitiveness. However, its greatest impact will be on Mexico itself, and therefore understanding this impact is critical for investors and policy implementers when strategizing their roles. The energy policy community is waiting with great anticipation […]

Who Are The World’s Top Energy Companies?

Platts publishes an annual Top-250 Energy Companies list while Forbes puts out its own top-25 biggest oil and gas producers list, and in 2013 many of Forbes’ biggest companies do not show up on Platts’ list. The overall picture speaks to the burgeoning diversity and multiplicity of dynamics at play in the global energy sector. […]

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