Can Abe Build Support for Security Reforms?

Even as regional challenges to Japan’s security have intensified, the domestic debate over security reforms continues to reveal deep divisions in Japan. Since coming into office a year and a half ago, the Shinzo Abe cabinet has sought an overhaul of its security policy, including a revision of the U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation guidelines that shape alliance military […]

Who’s the Big Spender? Military Spending from Beijing to the Pentagon

According to the Pentagon, the rapid growth of China’s military spending reflects its increasing assertiveness in the region. According to Beijing, US military spending is the real issue. What are the facts? It has become an annual ritual. Recently, the US Department of Defense (DoD) usually released its report to Congress on China’s “military and […]

How China Becomes a Cyber Power

One of the justifications for the creation of the Chinese leading group on cybersecurity and information technology was the need to move China from a “big” network country to a “strong” cyber power (从网络大国走向网络强国). While China has the world’s largest number of Internet users and a vibrant domestic market, policymakers and outside analysts seem to have significant […]

5 Things Ukraine Must Do to Become Energy Independent

There are exactly five things Kiev must do to become energy independent and disentangle itself from the Russian-driven geopolitical gas war: 1. Sell its pipeline system (most importantly); 2. Sell the remaining state interest in oil and gas company Ukrnafta; 3. Aggressively farm out as brown-field developments areas licensed by state-owned Ukrgazproduction; 4. Develop additional […]

Big Oil Is Cashing In On Iraq Violence

By Nick Cunningham: The spike in instability in several oil producing regions around the world is threatening to knock some production offline, but it is also boosting profits for drillers operating in trouble-free zones. Oil prices have hit their highest levels in almost 9 months as places like Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Libya continue to experience violence and […]

The ISIS Caliphate: How Much Will it Cost the U.S., China and the Rest of the World?

In just a few weeks, Iraq has moved closer to a triangular disintegration. At the same time, the jihadists have advanced dramatically. Adverse scenarios cast a dark shadow over energy prices and growth prospects worldwide. In late March, the IMF mission met Iraq’s government leaders, central bankers, oil chiefs and senior executives. “Iraq maintained macroeconomic […]

Dick Cheney Would Make a Terrible Trader

I have spilled a great deal of pixels and time in these pages discussing the importance of not letting your biases get the best of you as an investor. (See this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this). Further, when you are wrong, you must do more than merely acknowledge it: Embrace the error, understand it and learn from it. Traders who don’t learn […]

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