The German Turnaround: The reform story revisited, part I

(in cooperation with Ulrich Fritsche) With politicians from right and left in Germany discussing a possible new extension of the duration of unemployment benefits for the elderly, a new debate in Germany has started concerning the reasons of the recent upswing. The central question of the argument is: What role did the labour market reforms […]

Fallout from the Credit Crunch

For years economists and policy makers have worried about the fragility of the U.S. economy, and particularly about the unsustainability of the U.S. housing boom, but when the shock finally occurred, everyone – central banks, commercial banks, hedge funds, private investors – appears to have been unprepared. The big surprise was the nature of the […]

Germany: Supply-side homework unfinished

After almost a decade of slump, the German economy is finally moving again. Growth this year will probably exceed 2.5%, and comes on the heels of the longest slump since the 1950s. Germany, long considered one of the “sick man of Europe,” logged less than a third of EU’s overall rate of GDP increase over […]

RGE Monitor Launches Today the New Europe EconoMonitor

Dear RGE Monitor readers, we are launching today the new Europe EconoMonitor. A group of about twenty-five leading European economists or experts in European economic issues will write regularly in this new venue and provide their insights and views on the important economic issues faced by Europe, both as a region and as individual countries. […]

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