Risks Abound in Mexico’s New Oil Laws

Much has been made of the recent announcement that Mexico is seeking to update its oil laws, allowing foreign companies a role in the industry for the first time in decades. How serious investors should take the news depends largely on how the political process plays out in Mexico. The reforms unveiled by President Peña Nieto won’t […]

Emerging Markets: What Has Changed

(from Dr. Win Thin and Ilan Solot) 1) The central bank of Indonesia surprised markets again 2) Data in Brazil are improving 3) Chinese lending data suggest signs of greater activity in the shadow banking sector 4) The Russian opposition party fared very well in the Moscow election 1) The central bank of Indonesia surprised […]

With Reforms on Horizon, Mexico’s Energy Sector Presents Opportunities

Mexico is working to introduce a number of new reforms designed to boost its declining energy industry, and some US firms are set to benefit greatly. A new Merrill Lynch report estimates that in 2012 Mexico spent nearly $8 billion on drilling and completion services, and that the figure should increase to $10.5 billion during the next […]

China’s Hydrocarbon Buying Spree Hits $19 Billion

Sinopec is buying up assets around the world, racking up over $22 billion in oil and gas asset deals since 2010 in the UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and Egypt. Recently, Sinopec said it would purchase a 10% stake in Marathon Oil Corp’s oil and gas field in Angola for $1.5 billion—it’s second purchase […]

Mexico: Positive Outlook for Labor Reform After Passing the Lower House

On September 29th, after hours of intense debate, the Lower House voted 351 to 130 to approve an edited version of the labor reform bill that was submitted by President Calderon on September 1st. To recall, Calderon introduced the bill under the newly created fast-track option called legislative priority, which meant that the Lower House […]

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