Why Is Syria Important to Iran?

Remember Bill Clinton’s catchy slogan “it’s all about the economy, stupid?”  Well when it comes to the Middle East, it’s all about the oil.  The wars, the disputes, the bickering, it all boils down to one thing: oil. To better understand the geopolitics of oil let’s take a good look at a map of the […]

U.S. Sanctions Against Iran: A Trilateral Minefield?

The sanctions by Washington are undermining the very goals that it would like to achieve with Iran, while dividing the old U.S. allies and strengthening China’s clout in the Middle East. In the past few months, U.S.-Iranian relations have been swept by frantic, though ambivalent efforts at diplomacy. In July, 130 members of Congress sent […]

How Iran Plays the Oil Game…and Wins

Instability in Libya and other parts of North Africa may be giving international investors the jitters.  In August, U.S. energy explorer Apache Corp. said it had enough of the political upheaval in Egypt and  solda portion of its assets there to its Chinese counterpart, Sinopec. In neighboring Libya, Exxon and Royal Dutch Shell said they’d had […]