G20: Overcoming Protectionism, Emerging Growth

G20: Overcoming Protectionism, Emerging Growth

  In Hangzhou, China began the push for G20 to overcome protectionism and fuel global growth prospects. That is vital to reverse stagnation in advanced economies and slowdown in emerging nations. On September 4-5, the leaders of the G20 economies met in Hangzhou. The summit had great symbolic importance that was easily understood in emerging […]

China’s Quest for a More Effective G20

China’s Quest for a More Effective G20

photo: SF Brit After half a decade of low growth, global organizations continue to represent the victors of World War II, not the economic powerhouses of the 21st century. But change is in the air. Following a series of coordinated terror attacks in Paris, the Islamic State of Levant left the “city of light” in dark. […]

The G-20 and the Ill-Fated Charge of the Light Brigade

The just concluded G-20 meeting in Australia repeats many themes and patterns set at earlier G-20 meetings.  Those at the Australian Treasury who planned this year’s G-20 economic policy strategy have shown little macroeconomic policy imagination. By adding to the supply-side structural reform plans identified in earlier G-20 meetings (but not fully implemented), and failing […]

To the G-20: It Is Demand Deficiency, Not Supply

The Eurozone countries and Japan are now falling back into recession/depression and deflation, and their public debt levels are grossly excessive, and still rising. The deepening economic crisis in these two large economic blocks could have serious implications for other G-20 countries, as aggregate demand is already weak globally. Nonetheless, based on the advice of […]

Mr Schaeuble and G-20 Leaders: Consider the Following

It has been reported on the BBC news that Mr Schaeuble has said: a)   Criticism that the (German) government was not spending enough was justified, and that; b)  Any improvement in spending would not be made at the expense of a balanced budget. According to the BBC report the German economy has contracted and exports […]

G-20 Meeting – Let There Be Growth!

The G-20 Finance Ministers’ Meeting in Sydney in February 2014 provided a convivial winter break for the global economic elite. Travellers from the Northern Hemisphere could enjoy the Southern summer. Everybody could escape domestic political traumas, spending a few days amongst peers in luxury paid for by taxpayers. They could bask in the slavish adulation […]

G20 to Emerging Markets: We Feel Your Pain

The G20 communique and action plan, along with loads of background documents on the G20 economic program, have been released, though it may have been easy to miss amid the avalanche of Syria news.  The economic agenda was laid out in my colleague Stewart Patrick’s scene setter earlier this week, and leaders appear to have stuck to the […]