U.S. Jobs Disappoint, Spurring Jitters About Tapering

News that the US only created 169k jobs and the last two-months were 74k weaker than previously disclosed has some observers thinking twice about whether the Fed will taper at the FOMC meeting later this month. The dollar has come off and the US Treasury yields have fallen, which is helping to trigger a global […]

Williams On Board With Tapering, Kocherlakota Not So Much

This morning I had the opportunity to hear San Francisco Federal Reserve President John Williams present his outlook for the US economy and the implications for monetary policy in Portland.  I had anticipated that Williams would be supportive of tapering in the near future, and I was not disappointed. Williams first catalogues the improvements in the private […]

Autumn’s Known Unknowns

During the height of the Iraq war, then-U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld spoke of “known unknowns” – foreseeable risks whose realization is uncertain. Today, the global economy is facing many known unknowns, most of which stem from policy uncertainty. In the United States, three sources of policy uncertainty will come to a head this […]

Jackson Hole: Future Worries

This year’s Jackson Hole Federal Reserve conference was a decidedly low-key affair given Ben Bernanke’s absence (and Janet Yellen’s successful effort to not make news). Nonetheless, there look to have been a few takeaways of note. We’re ready, aren’t we?  Central bankers at the conference went to great length to convince markets (and themselves) that […]

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