Andalusia’s New Generation?

Andalusia, the largest and most populated Autonomous Community (let me rather say Federal State) in Spain, has recently switched Presidents, from the former José Antonio Griñán to the current Susana Díaz. Many voices claim in Spain’s Socialist Party that a New Generation of leaders is taking over. This article reviews the caliber of this so-called […]

Why Felipe Must Go

This Article explains why Felipe must go or face the challenge of a radical turnaround in governance. Felipe is the son of King Juan Carlos I, the Monarch of Spain since Spain transitioned to democracy from Franco’s dictatorship in the aftermath of his death on November 20th 1975. I was born in 1976. Felipe was […]

Why Some Catalans Are Charlatans

This article explains why some of those who claim that an independent Catalonia from a vintage Spain would be better off than a Catalonia belonging to (a new) Spain might simply be disoriented and biased by non-factual evidence fed by nationalistic sentiment. Nationalistic sentiment must be respected and ought to be encouraged if it respects […]

Why José Saramago Was Right

José Saramago, one of Portugal’s best writers ever and the only one who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1998, anticipated in an interview by Portugal’s Diario de Noticias on July 14th 2007, that Portugal would end up integrating with Spain in a new state he would call Iberia, explaining that: Culturally, […]

Why Spain Sucks

The reason why today’s Spain sucks is straightforward: it is a country of Suckers. Historically this attitude towards southern Europe has been typical of countries like France in the 1980s and 1990s and now Germany. It is time to acknowledge that we have what we deserve. The French used to say in post-World War II […]

Why Spain Will Never Be a True Democracy

Spain is unlikely to become a real democracy in the absence of major changes in the operating system or an upgrade of the operating system itself. It is not possible to understand this statement without having a thorough comprehension of the character or in other words idiosyncrasy of Spaniards as a people. A medical doctor […]

Spain’s Deep Recession

Spain is in Deep Recession not only economic-wise, but from every other point of view. Nothing works well in the Kingdom, not even the Monarchy. Profound changes are necessary if Spaniards wish to have any future at all. Spain’s leadership is broken. The two major political parties are filled with corruption cases and charges. Prime […]

The Decline of Southern Europe

“Europe is back!” is the new, though cautious, market mantra. Certainly, Europe will ultimately recover, but it will be a different Europe. Current hopes are inflated, as evidenced by the erosion of Southern Europe. The second quarter GDP figures for the euro-area economies indicated growth, for the first time in 18 months. Some fund managers […]

Spain – The Recession May Be Ending But The Crisis Continues

What follows is an interview I did over the summer with the Madrid based publication The Local. Let’s start with the basics: what are Spain’s current economic problems? Spain’s economic problems are a knock-on effect of the end of Spain’s property boom. The collapse of the property market led to a drop in incomes, depressed […]