Is Growth Destined to Slow?

There’s a spirited debate raging among economists about the long-run potential for growth in the US economy. Among those who expect that the future will suffer a lesser rate of growth is Robert Gordon, an economics professor at Northwestern and a member of the Business Cycle Dating Committee at the National Bureau of Research. In […]

A Surprisingly Weak Payrolls Report For August

Ouch! That stings. The private sector created substantially fewer jobs in August than expected, according to this morning’s monthly update from the US Labor Department. Private payrolls increased 134,000 last month, far below the consensus forecast that anticipated a gain of 220,000, according to’s estimate. Even worse, the August rise is the weakest so far this […]

The Russia Sanctions Cul-de-Sac

The Russia sanctions are likely to have an adverse impact on Russian, U.S. and Chinese economy and could push Europe to a triple-dip recession. A diplomatic solution could deter diminished global prospects. Last March, President Obama initiated and expanded sanctions against Russia in financial services, energy, defense and related materials sectors. Meanwhile, China’s Ambassador to […]

Q3:2014 US GDP Nowcast: +2.5%

The surprisingly strong rebound in second-quarter GDP growth will suffer a substantial bout of deceleration in the third quarter, according to the Capital Spectator’s median econometric nowcast. The US economy is projected to increase 2.5% (real seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the July-through-September period, down from the 4.0% rate reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) […]