China’s New Global Role

China’s New Global Role

President Xi in Washington and the UN             The recent Washington summit took the US-China bilateral relations onto a new level, while President Xi’s UN visit gave a glimpse of China’s new global role. Currently the U.S.-China bilateral relations are characterized by very different trajectories of power. As President Barack Obama […]

3 Things a Deal With Iran Would Likely Include

By Jofi Joseph: In mid-July, negotiators from the so-called P5+1 (the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union) reached a mutual agreement with Iran to extend an interim six-month agreement for another four months. The agreement extends concrete constraints on Iran’s nuclear program — in particular, a halt to Iran’s […]

Reinterpreting Japan’s Constitution

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has proposed a reinterpretation of Japan’s postwar constitution to allow the military to use force alongside other national militaries, a right that postwar Japanese leaders have to date refused their Self-Defense Force (SDF). Japan’s decision will shape the way the SDF cooperates not only with the U.S. military but with other militaries in Asia, where relations […]

5 Things Ukraine Must Do to Become Energy Independent

There are exactly five things Kiev must do to become energy independent and disentangle itself from the Russian-driven geopolitical gas war: 1. Sell its pipeline system (most importantly); 2. Sell the remaining state interest in oil and gas company Ukrnafta; 3. Aggressively farm out as brown-field developments areas licensed by state-owned Ukrgazproduction; 4. Develop additional […]

The Rise of Cyber-Security Blackwaters

Recently, the Department of Justice launched its first criminal cyber espionage case against alleged Chinese hackers. The case depends on new cyber-security start-ups – the successors of Blackwater. On Monday May 19, 2014, the Department of Justice (DoJ) filed criminal charges against five hackers in the Chinese military, accusing them of stealing American trade secrets through […]

Chinese Cyber Espionage: We Know Everything Except What to Do About it

Three documents that came out this week lay out the “who,” “how,” “why,” and “why it matters” of Chinese cyber espionage. Unfortunately, we still lack the “what to do.” The “who” and “how” was contained in a new report, Putter Panda, by the cybersecurity company CrowdStrike [Full disclosure: CrowdStrike helps fund a speaker series at CFR]. […]

Destabilization Undermining U.S.-Chinese Counterterrorist Cooperation

The potential of US-Chinese counterterrorism is being undermined with destabilization. Recently, the US State Department released its terrorism report 2013, which suggested that China’s cooperation with the US on counterterrorism issues “remained marginal.” That conclusion was quickly rejected in Beijing. There was a reason to the swift refutation. About the same time, an explosion at […]