Institutional Investors Have an Eye for Good Governance

A reliable corporate governance is pivotal in order to guarantee value creation for a company in the long term. Such a statement has often been said, read or heard. However, establishing a relationship between governance quality and company performance remains particularly problematic: company performance depends on multiple factors (industry, geographical markets, product/service quality, etc.) and […]

Goodbye to Cash in Search of Rules

Among the controversial points, the EU rule on “interchange fees.” Electronic payments, led by credit cards, are growing exponentially. In the world today, they represent 60% of the total, with transactions doubling between 2001 and 2012. And new technologies will mean they will grow even more: already in 2014 online payments will rise by 20% […]

Looking at Europe’s Jobs Challenge: ‘A Way Out Does Exist!’

We are in the midst of an extremely delicate and fragile historical nexus. The crisis is worse than ever and is hitting above all those companies that are less-prepared and the weaker strata of society. Young people find themselves in ever-greater difficulty (one out of three in Italy and one out of two in Spain […]

European Best Performers in Times of Crisis

This analysis presents highlights from the full report, available in PDF here. In the context of the current financial and economic crisis, The European House – Ambrosetti decided to analyse the economic performance of European countries in the last 10 years in order to comprehend the most resilient countries during the crisis (2008-2012) The study […]