Currency Wars Revisited: The Charts Approach

Every now and then somebody gets charged with being a ‘currency manipulator’: one time it’s China, the next it’s the U.S. But it’s quite unjust to use the term ‘currency manipulator’ in the current global setting. U.S.–China War That Just Isn’t There China has long been accused of controlling the supply of renminibi to fix […]

Alpert on The Daily Ticker: Low-Wage Jobs an All-Consuming Issue in U.S.

Dan Alpert’s EconoMonitor piece on the missing U.S. jobs recovery has proven a harbinger of widespread disappointment. The latest payroll numbers showed an inadequate 162,000 jobs created, supporting his diagnose of a superficial bump from low-wage hiring. Appearing on Yahoo Finance’s The Daily Ticker, Alpert explained the mechanics of the sputtering jobs recovery: “What you’re seeing right […]

Menenberg on Reuters: Would Summers Be a Rash Decision-Maker?

You may have missed EconoMonitor blogger Aaron Menenberg’s fascinating Leadership Trait Analysis of Ben Bernanke in September 2012, which concluded at the time: “His style as a function of responsiveness to constraints, openness to information, and motivation suggests he is ‘reactive’ leader who focuses on assessing what is possible in the current situation given the […]

The EU Labor Market Casts a Shadow

Harping on about disequilibrium in Europe’s labor market is hardly surprising, given high and in fact gradually rising unemployment. Even though the region should have been recovering for couple of years now, the rate for the EU-27 currently stands at 11%, with Greece and Spain displaying the worst results, with 26.9% of their labor force […]

The Colbert Report: R&R Austerity One Big Joke

Reinhart and Rogoff continue to pay the price for methodological flaws in their public debt research that has driven policy makers to implement austerity measures in DMs around the world. The latest econ commentator to pick up the issue is Stephen Colbert, who explored the reaction to a graduate student’s debunking of the original research: […]