Tackling Corporate Raiding in Ukraine

Tackling Corporate Raiding in Ukraine

photo: dmytrok Ukraine, together with Syria, are today’s geopolitical hotspots, where battles of influence between Russia and the West have been raging for years. Almost 2 years ago, Ukrainians opted for the Western path of development, following the‘Euromaidan’ protests that ousted the ruling Yanukovych government. Since turning away from Russia at this pivotal moment, Ukraine has […]

How Separatists in Donetsk Threaten Japan’s Energy Security

Europe is not the only country in the world to feel torn between enforcing sanctions against Russia’s aggressive actions in Eastern Ukraine and preserving its own energy security. Japan, too, has had a difficult time reconciling its strategic interests in the West and maintaining a lucrative relationship with Moscow. Unfortunately, repeated calls for sanctions from […]

Financing Development: Are International Solidarity Levies the Answer?

In an age of tightening aid budgets, ‘innovative financing’ is the latest buzzword to sweep international organizations determined to maintain the provision of their services despite years of stagnation in donor countries. The global health initiative UNITAID, chaired by Philippe Douste-Blazy, is offering its system of an ‘international solidarity levy’ as a model for other […]

Can Oligarchs Be Good for the Economy?

It is impossible to discuss economics in Russia, or in many other countries formerly known as the Soviet Union, without reference to oligarchs. Ever since the Iron Curtain was officially drawn back in 1991, this new class of powerful businessmen, with personalities as big as their checkbooks, has stood out as an omnipresent symbol of […]

How Not to Do Business in the Post-Soviet Bloc

Business in the former USSR is notoriously rough and tumble, where a pronounced lack of transparency means businessmen often act at the outer limits of legality and colluding with influential politicians is a must. The recent saga of Suleiman Kerimov, an extravagant oligarch from Dagestan, serves as a good example of how not to go […]