The Modern Money Primer: Spanish Language Edition

The Modern Money Primer: Spanish Language Edition For our Spanish speaking followers, my Modern Money Primer has just been released in Spanish and is available: Here’s the description of the book: El esfuerzo intelectual que se realizó en el campo de la física tras la aparición de la teoría de la relatividad o del […]

Jobs for Greeks and for Americans, Too

Here’s a nice piece: The Workers’ Think Tank: With an eye on the United States and Greece, scholars at the Levy Economics Institute are developing plans to ensure full employment, by Sasha Abramsky, February 2, 2015, The Nation. As Sasha notes, the Levy Institute has a novel approach to fighting unemployment: JOBS! Hardly anyone ever […]

Ferguson, MO

This article rings true: Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson by a cop, we’ve seen video after video of cops killing unarmed young men and even boys. The excessive militarization of our domestic police has come into question. The institutionalized racism among our police forces is only part of the problem. It […]

Odds and Sods: Some Good Reads For a Cold Winter Troll Friday

If you, too, are living in one of the sub-zero climes right now, you want some stimulating reading for Troll Friday. Here’s one of the best and fairest summaries of MMT that I’ve seen: As Joe says: “Few matters of economic importance are as woefully misunderstood as modern money. It can seem a fiendishly […]


Here’s an unintentionally hilarious piece by Tim Worstall at Forbes: Watch out, he warns, MMT has come to Washington! Our nation’s capital! No doubt ruin and wastage will follow. Why? Well. Nothing wrong with the theory of Modern Money Theory, he admits. “It’s not actually that I disagree very much with the economics that […]

Is It Time for MMT To Become Mainstream to Save Us from the Second Global Financial Crisis of the Millennium?

Some of you will remember that MMT got its first huge mainstream exposure through a Washington Post article written by Dylan Matthews: He’s just written another excellent story, this time about Stephanie Kelton going to Washington: Finally, there might be an alternative to the deficit hawk and timid deficit dove lovefest! As Dylan […]

In Appreciation of Lord Robert Skidelsky–Presentation for Economists for Peace and Security; Updated with Videos

UPDATE: Videos of the dinner are available here: My presentation is in the middle of this one: I just returned from the annual ASSA meetings in Boston. This is largely a front for the American Economics Association to produce an appearance of pluralism. The ASSA is actually run by the AEA, which allocates […]

The Owl Has Flown: Dr. Kelton Goes to Washington

OK, it is now official. The Owl has Flown. Stephanie Kelton is on her way to Washington. Here’s a clip from the press. Sanders names ‘deficit owl’ his chief economist BY: Joseph LawlerDecember 26, 2014 A prominent advocate of bigger deficits and unconventional economics will be Sen. Bernie Sanders’ chief economist when he becomes […]


The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. –Mark Twain Stephanie Kelton Goes To Washington Leading Post Keynesian Modern Monetary Theorist (MMT) and Chair of the Economics Department at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) is leaving there to become the Chief Economist of the Minority at the US Senate Budget Committee.  She is […]