Una de las cosas más importantes que el Gobierno puede y debe hacer es lograr el pleno empleo

Here’s a long interview, in Spanish. http://www.eldiario.es/economia/importantes-gobierno-lograr-pleno-empleo_0_372363556.html   Lo entrevistamos al final de su estancia en Madrid hace unas semanas con motivo de la presentación del libro, en una visita en la que coincidió con el candidato de IU a la presidencia del Gobierno, Alberto Garzón, y su hermano el economista Eduardo Garzón, que ha […]

Public Banking and Boom Bust Boom

While in Spain for the launch of my Modern Money Primer in Spanish, I gave a long interview for Public Television. Parts of that interview are interspersed in this segment on Public Banking: http://especiales.publico.es/publico-tv/eko/496632/eko-la-banca-publica My interview is in English (with Spanish subtitles) while the rest is in Spanish. Other portions of my interview will be […]

Occupy Germany!

Germany is a short train ride away for 300 million EU citizens. Borders are open. Occupy in the name of the 99%. Stop austerity NOW. Go in peace. Obey all laws. Support the German Labor Unions. Do not leave until the Neoliberals are thrown out. Latest news from the front: March 18, 2015 at 9:32 […]

Modern Money Theory: Why the EMU is Designed to Fail (Presentation in Madrid)

Here is a link to a video for one of my presentations in Spain. Streamed live on Mar 7, 2015 La Asociación de Economía Crítica, ATTAC, Econonuestra y FUHEM Ecosocial le invitan a la sesión “Teoría monetaria moderna: ¿Austeridad presupuestaria frente a déficits públicos?” FUHEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxGGR62fh3k The title slide of the powerpoint to accompany the talk […]

Spain’s Proposal for a Job Guarantee

Yesterday I participated in a press conference and gave the first of a series of lectures in Madrid on MMT and the Job Guarantee. At the press conference, Alberto Garzón announced his party’s plan to create a million jobs in a targeted JG: IU plantea un plan de 9.600 millones para crear un millón de […]

MMT in Madrid: An Update

Another event has been added. Hope to meet Spanish followers of MMT in Madrid this week. Here are some details: Press Release: “Una idea no se realiza por ser lógicamente coherente ni con la verdad pura, ni con una humanidad pura que no existe más que como programa y finalidad ética general de los hombres, […]

The Spanish Launch of Modern Money Theory

Sorry, I’ve been very busy in recent weeks, finishing up a book on Minsky and revising my Modern Money Primer for a second edition (more on both of those projects later). Meanwhile, Lola Books is gearing up to release the Primer in Spanish next week. I’ll be in Madrid for the launch and for a […]

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