Stimulus Bill and Solar Power- Let the Sun Shine: Stimulating Energy and Employment


  •  To maximize job creation, spending on renewable energy envisioned in the economic stimulus bill should be targeted at distributed generation projects, which use local labor for installation and increase the efficiency and reliability of power supply.
  •  Of the renewable energy sources, solar photovoltaic (PV) power is best suited to realize the potential of distributed and renewable energy generation.  It matches peak energy demand most closely and offers the best opportunity to substitute expensive, centrally-generated electricity.
  • Direct federal procurement and renewable energy loan guarantees, grants, and tax credits should favor smaller, distributed PV installations connected to the local distribution grid or generating electricity directly at the point of consumption.
  • A significant share of the stimulus bill’s funding for modernizing the electricity grid should go to installing the electrical gear and smart power electronics and communication devices necessary for integration of distributed PV systems into the grid and better management of onsite generation, storage and use of energy.