Where is Superman? Is he “Deep Captured”?

Look, up in the sky…  It’s a bird… it’s a plane…  No!  It’s, it’s …Chicken Little? Time and again we hear the media, politicians, and financial “experts”, in an effort to protect their careers and/or reputations, say:  “NO ONE SAW THIS FINANCIAL TSUNAMI COMING!”   There are a few media clowns now coming out of the […]

Bottom Up! Tomorrow’s “Real Economy”

Do you ever get the feeling like there’s got to be something more to what you’re doing? You’ve taken the time to become economically, politically and socially minded.   You read all the popular mainstream websites. …and then your knowledge grows. …and so does your thirst.  You find yourself discovering an entire world of eclectic […]


Today I will argue that the standard measures by which we assess our economic health no longer apply to our current situation.  The most common terms “Inflation” & “Deflation” are based on the general price level of goods and services.  Inflation is the increase in price, thus limiting the purchase power of your money.  Deflation is the decrease in price, and increase in purchasing power.  My argument is that the general price level of goods and services is temporarily not price-able, and the purchasing power of all currencies is unknown due to due to the lack of transparency of overall credit and debt at all levels of the economy (from Countries and Governments through companies and households) due to known and unknown variables and their known and unknown ripple effects.  The broad systemic risk of commingled good/toxic assets in the globally interconnected financial world has now limited the ability to accurately measure factual and fictional wealth based on fusion of such infinite variables of destruction.  In addition, the unknown levels of wealth creation, extraction and destruction, coupled with actual consumption leave us with a decreasing denominator in relation to the increasing nominator of debt.

Play Ball! – A Victimless Crime

(An expose into the interrelatedness of baseball and society, and how to start fixing the problems.)

Today, I am writing to ask for help.  Prior to my life in finance I spent a few years in Minor League Baseball where I tried to live out my American Dream …but it turns out that that dream wasn’t meant to be.  Years have past by, and the public has finally become aware of why “clean” ballplayers like me did not get as far as we hoped.

Alt Energy Chapter 2 – Net Metering

I the vast world of alternate energy, it is hard to find a starting point for which every day citizens can do their part in the expansion of this sector.  In the coming years we will see growth in infrastructure, research and development, technology, exploration, and various other fields that will require a certain degree of specialization and education.  This unfortunately will fall outside of the scope of the broader population’s learning curve.  In fact, it will likely leave a large percentage of the population far too under qualified to be productive members of it.  With that in mind, they will still need to be compliant in aiding this sector, regardless of their qualifications.

The “Golden Age” of Recession

As many posters may have followed My Gold comments on Nouriel’s blog, I decided to keep this discussion going, but move it to a stationary location, so we can better debate the macro views of gold.  In addition I’d like to point out that while the Professor states that gold is a “safety valve” for countries… I believe this DIRECTLY CONTRADICTS his theory of the fact that there is: “NO SAFE HAVEN”. (if gold was truly a “safety valve” then it WOULD BE a “safe haven”!)

Merry X-Mess! Happy 2,000,000,000,009!

I had done quite a bit of work on 2 articles that I seem to have a hard time completing.  The first was on the overgrowth of the financial industry, and the second was on the inequities of the 401k system.  My research led me down some cyclical roads that left me chasing my brains tail.  I will attempt to sum up both articles in an abridged fashion, rather then pour out my “going nowhere” data.  (Maybe I can someday get a grasp on how to better articulate my research, and put together a more complete overview?  The majority of my problem had to do with not having the raw data I needed, so my research was based on general/fictional assumptions… thus making my research more “theory” then “fact”.)  For now this will have to do.