Venezuela’s Maduro Throws the Cargo Overboard After Taking a Poisonous Lesson From the Shah

The book of Jonah tells of ancient sailors threatened by a mysterious and terrible storm. In desperation, they throw their precious cargo into the sea in hopes of somehow saving their vessel. Time and again this same type of panic has likewise gripped those in positions of national leadership and time and again they have […]

Government on the Backs of the People

Vast numbers of Americans are angry at the U.S. Government. Even more are frustrated by it. In total in September 2013, some 77 percent of all Americans report being either angry or frustrated at the Government ( And that was before the screw ups with the Affordable Care Act. One explanation for this extraordinary level […]

The Big Iran Deal

The Iran deal is a good deal for the U.S., Europe and for Iran. It suggests a shake up of the Middle East and a plausible belief in the likelihood of a major deal in six months. The deal with Iran happened on Iranian President Rouhani’s 99th day in office. Obviously taken with the idea of measuring a […]

The Decline of the United States

Writing in the New York Times, Stephen King, the chief economist of HSBC, quotes Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. “It is in the progressive state, while the society is advancing to the further acquisition, rather than when it has acquired its full complement of riches, that the condition of the labouring poor, of the […]

Iran’s New Leaders and the American Response

Maybe it’s because of U.S. domestic politics. Maybe it’s because of the humiliation many Americans feel they suffered at the hands of the Iranians. Think of those hostages whose rescue mission disintegrated in the Iranian desert. Maybe it’s because America’s critics are right. America has become an arrogant superpower, they say. But somehow, the U.S. […]

Venezuela and Iran: The End of The Affair?

Over his fourteen year reign, the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez developed strong political ties to Iran: visiting that country several times and hosting Iranian presidents on reciprocal visits. Since then, spring boarding off of these Venezuelan ties, Iran has spread its tendrils into Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Brazil. Yet with Chávez deceased, and […]

The ‘Tamarrod’ (Rebellion) Is Planned For June 30

June 30 marks the first anniversary of the presidency of Muhammad Mursi in Egypt. It also will mark what opposition parties are referring to as the “tamarrod,” massive demonstrations demanding new presidential elections. The opposition claims to have collected 15 million signatures demanding that Mursi step down for his efforts to transform Egypt into a […]