Dissecting the Oil-Dollar Affair

Don’t we all have a penchant for drawing inferences from patterns! Put that together with a fascination with gossip, and you get all sorts of (wild) stories—great for entertainment’s sake but potentially dangerous if they lead to, say, a suicide attempt or… the wrong investment idea! Take for example the rumor that Tom Cruise has […]

Intervention bluffs

This was the kind of week that gets economists ecstatic. Yeah yeah, we had Hillary conceding (yawn)… or “Sex and the City—The Movie” breaking records at the box office, trouncing even “Indiana Jones” (horror!). But no, it wasn’t a bunch of female celebs that got economists on their toes. Instead, it was two austere gentlemen […]

Party TIPS

If you’ve run out of ideas for party pick-up lines, try this: “Hey precious… how much do you think prices will go up or down over the next 12 months?” In case you’re dying to ask, I did try it. And, trust me, you’re guaranteed to get at least a few stares! What you may […]

Consumer Squeeze

This was no love at first sight. It took me eight months after the launch of the iPhone to be talked into joining the world of “Phonies.” Launched (almost presciently) right before the subprime crisis hit last summer, the iPhone for me captured the essence of an era soon to end: Carefree, contented, insatiable.Then, one […]

FX Swaps Misbehaving

You’re in the middle of planning a summer tour of “classical” Greece for your family: The Parthenon in Athens, the spectacular oracle in Delphi, the ancient theater of Epidauros, a few beaches in between. But you need around 15,000 euros. What do you do? Well, a number of things: Spots and forwards: (a) You can […]

Alpha, Beta Sigma: Understanding the Greeks

No, I’m not referring to some new fraternity here, dedicated to the promotion of enlightenment, upliftment and/or collective drunkenness. Besides, I wouldn’t know. I got my college education on the other side of the Atlantic, at a place where the frat-boy equivalents preferred to vomit in their tailcoats and where, rather than Greek letters, social […]

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