Could New Brunswick Become Canada’s Celtic Tiger?

In June of this year the New Brunswick Department of Finance released a rather bold discussion paper on the future of taxation in the province. The Discussion Paper proposes to promote economic growth by shifting the burden of taxation in the province away from income taxes and towards taxes on consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. […]

Canadian Business Outlook Varies By Region

Earlier this week the Bank of Canada released their summer 2008 Business Outlook Survey. Not surprisingly, optimism about the future is higher in resource producing provinces than in provinces that export finished goods and services to the United States: “On balance, firms located in Western Canada are expecting an increase in sales growth over the […]

Canadian Liberal and Green Parties Release Carbon Tax Plans

It appears that the next Federal election in Canada (which must be held sometime between now and October 19, 2009) will be fought on the issue of carbon taxation, as two of the five big political parties in Canada recently released their carbon tax plans. While both plans call for increased taxes on greenhouse gas […]