Latin America: The Student Years

When this commentator was at school, 25 years ago in provincial England, the future was Socialism. We railed against the capitalist pig moneyslave government of the day, refused to join the army cadet corps and instead organized community service volunteer rotas. One of my contemporaries wore Lech Walesa “Solidarnosc” buttons on his blazer (which may […]

Inflation in Peru: Read the Small Print

We hear that Peru’s headline inflation number in the first 11 months of 2007 is running at 3.08%. Now this might be a tad over the inflation target set by the country’s central bank (2% plus or minus one percentage point), but what with one thing and another it’s a good effort for 2007 and […]

Vox Populi

The Poll Every year, the reputable Chilean polling firm ‘Latinobarómetro’ publishes an extensive survey of opinion that covers the whole of the Latin America region. This year, over 20,000 people from 18 countries in the South and Central America region were surveyed by outsourced reputable local polling companies such as Gallup and MORI. When this […]

Only In Argentina (hats off to Pablo Neumeyer)

“Only in Argentina” is a phrase Argentines use as an auto-critique for the stranger things that happen in their country. It’s often trotted out to explain away events that can sometimes leave outsiders rather bemused. I had an “only in Argentina” moment while catching up on the news tonight. With Pablo Neumeyer’s excellent argument on […]

The Case for Buying Ecuador Bonds

Whaaaat? Ecuadorian Bonds? From Ecuador? Call – yourself – an – analyst – you – are – joking – right – gimme – a – break – sure – to – default – at – any – minute – that – guy – Correa – a – raving – lefty – loony – mad – […]

This Southern Copper Strike Leaves Garcia Walking a Tightrope

This morning workers at Southern Copper walked out on indefinite strike demanding better pay. Of course, this is not the place for company analysis, but as a bare minimum of background on the company and the present situation. Southern (as it is known locally), part of the Mexican company Grupo Mexico, is one of the […]

Ecuador: Correa Plays His Cards Right

On September 30th Ecuador goes to the polls to vote for an assembly that will re-write the constitution. A lot of reputations are riding on the outcome, not least that of Ecuador’s head of state. President Rafael Correa considers the constitutional assembly a vital step in his administration and has stated his intention to step […]

The Trouble With Venezuela (Part One-and-a-Half)

After writing the first part of a critique on Venezuela’s present economy, I was busy preparing some bemused mutterings about the current foreign exchange regimen when I suddenly realized Bloomberg had beaten me to the punch with this article dated September 3rd 2007. As befits a news agency with a reputation for unbiased and informative […]