Next Fed Chairman? Maybe We Should Try Something Different

Ben Bernanke, the current Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has repeatedly stated that it is time for him to leave his post for “greener pastures.”  Of course, who could really blame him as he led the charge on the most unprecedented economic and monetary bailout program in history?  The question that should be asked is whether […]

Fed’s Economic Projections – Myth Vs. Reality (Jun 2013)

Each quarter the Fed releases their assessment of the economy and their forward looking projections for three years into the future. (See Fed Projections Myth Vs. Reality for the March analysis) While Bernanke puts on a great “dog and pony” show for the media – there are only two primary issues with which the financial markets are most concerned. The […]

Evaluating 3 Bullish Arguments

These are indeed interesting times that we live in.  As the markets elevate higher on the back of the global central bank interventions it is important to keep in context the historical tendencies of the markets over time.  It is not uncommon at major market peaks to see“irrational exuberance” begin to grip the markets.  In March […]

Clues To Watch For The End Of QE “Infinity”

So, apparently, according to Jon Hilsenrath, “QE to Infinity” is actually “finite” after all.  With Ben Bernanke set to “exit stage left” in 2014 the question of who replaces him at the helm of the massive USS “Federal Reserve” will be important as to the future of the current course of monetary policy.   One of the top contenders for that job is Janet Yellen.  […]

It’s A Bit Early To Declare A Winner In The Economic Debate

Recently, Henry Blodget wrote that “The Economic Argument Is Over – And Paul Krugman Won.”  The premise of the article is that the ongoing debate between economic schools of thought, since the financial crisis began, over what policies were necessary to get the domestic and international economies growing again has been resolved. “On one side were economists […]

Economic Data Shows Underlying Weakness

As the markets have rallied over the last couple of months one of the primary “hopes” by mainstream analysts, economists, and even the Fed, has been the hope that the economy will begin to show real signs of life.  While the continued injections of monetary liquidity have inflated asset prices to previous peaks; unfortunately the same cannot […]

Fiscal Papal: Why The Next Pope Should Address Global Debt

The recent resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is the first papal resignation in the last 600 years and ends an eight year term as the head of the Catholic Church.  This has set into motion the complex sequence of events to elect the next leader of one of the wealthiest and most powerful organizations on […]

Why The Real Unemployment Rate Is 16.9%

During the last 30 years I do not remember a time when the employment report, as released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), has been so closely watched as it has been since the last recession.  Each month, when the report is released, it has become a ritual by the media, analysts and economists […]