South Africa Must Look Forward After Mandela

There have been key figures throughout history that have been extremely influential in a country’s destiny. Nelson Mandela is one such figure. This article suggests that South Africa must learn to look forward or otherwise it risks falling in a trap where certain nations have fallen, a trap of difficult exit. A handful of visionary […]

The Iberian County

This article explains why Portugal has become the Iberian County instead of the Iberian Country. Catalonia will reach the same status if it were to become independent, myopically speaking. In an increasingly interconnected World, where an unstoppable China in an emerging Asia remains the emerging superpower, and the United States is resisting to let go […]

‘Typical Spanglish’

The expression “Typical Spanish” is often used by foreigners to confirm stereotypes (both positive and negative) about Spain and Spaniards. As of 2012, there were almost 400,000 Britons living in Spain. Spain should learn more from Britain and the United States when it comes to work, education, ethics and discipline. The country would then not […]

What We Can Learn From the Basque Country

This article explains what Portugal and Spain can learn from the Basque. The Basque Country is one of Spain’s 17 Autonomous Communities in the current territorial arrangement negotiated in Spain in the aftermath of Francisco Franco Bahamonde’s death on 20 November 1975. Franco was the fascist Dictator who ruled Spain between 1939 and 1975. The […]

We Need Ortega y Gasset Back

José Ortega y Gasset is Spain’s best known philosopher and one of the best philosophers of the twentieth century. This article explains through the review of six of Ortega y Gasset’s essays, the relevance still today of his analysis of Spanish society during his lifetime, his identification of the evils of the Spanish character and […]


This article explains why “España va bien… ho-dee-da”. It was former Premier José María Aznar who made the motto “España va bien” (Spain is on the move) popular in his first mandate between 1996 to 2000. Spain’s real estate bubble had only started and Spaniards welcomed a new right-wing government after the corruption excesses of […]

How to Fix Spain’s Educational Fiasco

This article explains what for many readers would be quite an extravagant proposal: to bring One Hundred Thousand Indian Engineers to Spain and then Portugal on five year shifts to teach Math and Science in High Schools throughout the territory. For this purpose it is proposed that Spain’s three largest Universidades Politécnicas (Catalunya, Madrid and […]

Germany and the Euro-Surrealpolitik

This articles reviews the theory behind Optimum Currency Areas and the lack of willingness in the European Union and particularly of Germany to lead the process of political and fiscal unions. With Britain maintaining its euro-skeptical status and France and Italy immersed in political crisis, there remains little hope that the Eurozone will ever become […]

Andalusia’s New Generation?

Andalusia, the largest and most populated Autonomous Community (let me rather say Federal State) in Spain, has recently switched Presidents, from the former José Antonio Griñán to the current Susana Díaz. Many voices claim in Spain’s Socialist Party that a New Generation of leaders is taking over. This article reviews the caliber of this so-called […]

The Republic’s King

Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest nations. It became a Kingdom when it split from the Kingdom of León in 1143. It has been a Republic since 1910. As in many other Republics there is a heir to the throne who claims to be the legitimate successor of the once upon a time King. Dom […]

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