Understanding the ‘Looming’ National Debt Issue – Brief Suggestions on Re-aligning Our Perspectives

A great many people across all societal levels, from the wealthy to the poor and even amongst politicians, have completely understandable and dramatic concerns about the “out of control” national debt figures.  Are we permanently hobbling ourselves, and mortgaging our futures?  How can we make sense of these enormous debt numbers? I believe this is […]

Improving Our Understanding of Recessionary Dynamics, and Developing More Advanced Strategies for Reparative Interventions

There are fundamental errors in the conventional analysis of, and approaches to, current macroeconomic problems, the results of which are disappointing or ineffectual outcomes to policy interventions, along with a dangerous loss in public confidence for the US government’s capabilities to intercede effectively. In contrast to economic projections that predict a slow and precarious recovery, […]