Can Earnings Growth Propel Stocks Higher?

If you could know one thing about stocks in the coming year, it would be what to expect from corporate earnings. The Q4 2013 reports will provide a preview, with attention starting this week. Has the improvement in economic strength translated into higher corporate profits? Last Week Recap Last week I suggested that with the return of […]

2013 in Review: The Year’s Best Pieces of ‘Silver Bullet’ Analysis

Regular readers of my Weighing the Week Ahead series know that I occasionally give the Silver Bullet Award.  This recognizes writers who take it upon themselves to debunk dangerously misleading financial analysis. Their often thankless work reminds me of the Lone Ranger, whose adventures often upheld the notion that “…that all things change but truth, […]

Weighing the Lessons of 2013

This is a special edition of Weighing the Week Ahead.  With holidays and market closings in the middle of the next two weeks, we can expect a time of relative quiet.  It is a good time to review the lessons from 2013.  I’ll have a regular WTWA next week and (soon) my regular preview of […]

Mistaken Inferences About Markets

Continuing with the Eight Traits of the Insightful Investor… The Insightful Investor does not confuse organizational and individual behavior. Here is an example from today’s news – a quiet market day in a pre-holiday period before a Fed decision. Here was the summary: Investors reluctant to make decisive moves a day before hearing whether the […]

Weighing the Week Ahead: A Turning Point for the Fed?

Last week I asked the question of whether the fixation on “tapering” would finally come to an end. The question was on target, but the answer seems to be “No!” With the FOMC reporting on Wednesday, including Bernanke’s last press conference, I expect the week to be like one of those dedicated radio stations:All Fed, […]

Four Costly Ideas

Continuing with the Eight Traits of the Insightful Investor…. The Insightful Investor is open to other viewpoints. Every question can be approached this way. It is a useful investment skill, but it requires discipline. It is so easy to fall in love with your own ideas and positions. It is especially dangerous when you mix […]

Weighing the Week Ahead: Can Investors Think Beyond the Bubble Machine?

In the early days of television (starting in 1955), one of the most popular programs was The Lawrence Welk Show. The audience demographic can be inferred from the sponsors, which featured Geritol (which addressed the issue of “tired blood”), Polident (for dentures) and Serutan (spell it backwards). The effervescent dance sound from Welk’s orchestra was called […]