ETF update: some tasty chips?

ETF sector leadership continues to shift rapidly. The most dramatic move of the week came from a semiconductor ETF, which moved from #37 to #5 in the ratings from our TCA-ETF model. We try to look at both Trend and Cycle, while doing some Anticipation of key swings. Ideally, we exit positions when new ETF’s […]

ETF Update: Homebuilders on the Rise?

One benefit from using advanced trading techniques — both systems and screening methods — is finding ideas you would otherwise miss. Expect to be surprised sometimes as we were this week with the rise of the homebuilders in our rankings. This is a significant improvement for a group that spent many weeks at the bottom […]

ETF Update: A Focus on Health

Growing strength in health care sectors is the dominant theme in this week’s ETF Update. As usual, there are also some interesting implications for the overall market. We noted the rise of these sectors in last week’s ratings, observing that the market continued to “play defense.” (For new readers tThere is a further explanation of […]

Economic Data and Employment Report

At “A Dash” we believe in letting the data drive our conclusions. This can be boring, since everyone wants strongly held and argued opinions. In case you do not see the disagreement, CNBC even shows you a crashing bull and bear. Today’s Data The economic news will provide the headline reason for today’s selling, so […]

Government, Crises, and Time Frames

Returning from vacation, where (once again) we monitored markets and traded, but did not find time to write, we are struck by an overwhelming market consensus. The leading market pundits criticize government for not being “proactive.” There is overwhelming criticism of anything that can be labeled a “bailout.” When the plan actually calls for banks […]

ETF Update: “There’s Gold ….

… them thar hills” (Origin Unknown). Despite the dubious construction and grammar (language buffs can check here) the statement has a certain ring. The reason is the enduring quality of gold as a store of value. In modern times, this means a value that is impervious to the actions of governments and central bankers.The quest […]

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