Weighing the Week Ahead: Will Spring Bring Some Optimism?

Some weeks feature a contrast between past and future — a possible inflection point. Here are the current elements: Important economic data with a forward look; Earnings news from major companies reporting on Q114; Corporate conference calls explaining the outlook for future earnings; and finally Economic implications for improved economic growth and business conditions worldwide. […]

Mean Reversion: The Misunderstood ‘Mystery Method’ Behind Big Market Blunders

The insightful investor understands mean reversion. It is a mystery concept for most – fancy talk. I will attempt a commonsense explanation with some relevant examples. In conclusion, I will show why this is important. The Technical Definition Wolfram MathWorld is a great source on issues like this: Reversion to the mean, also called regression to the […]

Weighing the Week Ahead: What Is the Market Message?

After a bad week in U.S. equities and a really bad week in emerging markets,is there a relevant message? If so, does it matter for day traders, swing traders, investors, or all of the above? The week ahead features a real free-for-all with plenty of data, Fed news, and earnings results. After weeks of a data […]

Ignore the Fed Factoid

The insightful investor is skeptical of factoids. And for good reason! If you want to use history as a guide, care is required. I thought this was pretty obvious until my morning watching of CNBC in Davos (it doesn’t seem the same without Maria) showed Andrew Ross Sorkin interviewing Kenneth Rogoff. This seemed interesting, so I […]

How to Boost Your Dividend Yield

If the Fed is spiking the punch, why can’t we? In my “Weighing the Week Ahead” series, I always include some suggestions for individual investors. I try to share with the do-it-yourself investor what I am doing for my clients. I have suggested that investors who have been out of the market can step in gradually […]

2014 Investment Preview

[This post originally appeared on Seeking Alpha last week.  I enjoy a wide following there, and I appreciate the opportunity to participate in their annual series.  As I note at the beginning of the interview, this is a very valuable resource.  I share the interview with readers of “A Dash” with the permission of Seeking […]

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