Fed’s Tapering Decision Bears Out RGE’s Out-of-Consensus Call

NEW YORK—18 September 2013—Roubini Global Economics (RGE), an independent, global macroeconomics and strategy research firm, highlights its out-of-consensus call that the U.S. Federal Reserve would not “taper” the pace of quantitative easing at its September policy meeting, an assessment confirmed by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in a statement today. RGE first expressed this […]

What Next for U.S. Foreign Policy in Egypt?

Around the web, commentators remark upon the latest developments in Egypt, declaring it a lose-lose outcome for the U.S., which risks losing it best regional ally, and of course for the Egyptian people, who find their political scene fractured beyond repair. New York Times columnist Roger Cohen outlines the importance of the so-called Arab Spring: […]

Roubini.com Is Looking for Social Media Interns

Roubini Global Economics, a leading macro-strategy research firm, is looking for social media interns. If you’re interested in developing social media strategies and engaging with the economic conversation on Roubini.com and the EconoMonitor, this unpaid internship offers great work experience for enterprising students or recent graduates. Interns may work from our office in NYC or […]

EconoMonitor Highlights: A Servant of Three Masters

Commentators picked up on friction within the IMF-EU-ECB “troika” this week, as the Greek funding tranche was delayed on hangups as Christine Lagarde took a hardened stance and German leaders appeared to see a different picture to other stakeholders. Thomas Grennes and Andris Strazds write that while the U.S. has taken a different approach to the financial crisis than […]

EconoMonitor Highlights: Base Jumping

In the wake of a divisive U.S. election, factions within each party disagree on how to address the looming fiscal cliff, driven by a vocal base. Meanwhile, the eurozone periphery and core stumbled onward like two mismatched friends in a three-legged race, to place a new metaphor into currency. Ed Dolan argues for a more […]

EconoMonitor Highlights: To the Fiscal Cliff!

Having won a second term in office, President Obama must now arrest the slide of the U.S. toward the precipice of the much-feared fiscal cliff. Daniel Alpert barracks for Obama to capitalize on the political advantages of his re-election to forge progress on addressing structural issues. Dan Steinbock writes that the outcome of America’s fiscal […]

Obama Win Gives Markets the Blues

The New York Times reports that U.S. banks and firms saw their stocks slump on Wednesday, on the news that a second term for President Obama would cement the Dodd-Frank financial regulations. Here’s a quick snapshot of the shares performance following the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, per the NYT: Morgan Stanley: […]

The Arts: A Driver of Growth?

Move over, green economy, the arts economy commands your attention. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) announced Friday that the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis will measure the contribution of the arts to GDP through the creation of an “Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account” (ACPSA). The release explains: The BEA satellite account reflects […]

The Economist: The Wrong Lessons Were Taken From Black Monday

Alan Greenspan comes under fire in The Economist’s write-up of the policy response to the October 19, 1987, stock market collapse known as Black Monday: The biggest mistake was to do with monetary policy. Central banks around the world responded quickly to the crash, some cutting interest rates, others pumping money into the system. “The […]

Biden and Ryan Clash on Economy, and Everything Else

Following a debate that was as full of fireworks as the previous week’s presidential debate had been full of sham-wows, the media focused on the contrasting affects of the two candidates during their jousts on foreign policy, Medicare, women’s health and, most relevant here, fiscal policy. Over at Zero Hedge, “Tyler Durden” writes that: CNBC’s […]