The Right Health Care Fix Could Help Save Social Security

With the nation’s health care system on the operating table this year, Washington’s policy surgeons have focused so intently on their outsized patient that they seem not to have noticed that Social Security is attached at the hip. That’s unfortunate, because a clearer recognition of the interconnectedness of the two policy challenges could make it […]

The Real Cost of the Geithner Plan

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s toxic asset plan is a brilliant, highly complex and very expensive answer to the wrong question: How we can raise the value of bank portfolios without improving the quality of the underlying loans?   It is truly remarkable that an administration that preaches progressive economics intends to deploy $1 trillion – […]

Obama tax cuts start with a whimper

Even economists who are sold on the need for a big boost in government spending have said that because such spending may be slow in coming, a tax cut is needed to help lift the economy in the near term. Unfortunately, the proposed Obama tax cuts will start with a whimper.

The Joint Committee on Taxation analysis of the House-passed bill estimates that just $13 billion of the $145-billion Making Work Pay tax credit would be disbursed before the end of September.

The Optimal Entry Point For Mortgage Aid

Foreclosures are only a symptom of the real housing problem facing the economy – the deadweight of excessive mortgage debt.

Without the burden of mortgage debt that exceeds present home values, perhaps twelve million households would have more disposable income and more confidence, limiting declines in consumption and employment.