WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Thoughts From EconoMonitor’s Hugh, Dolan, and Deliveli

Oh, I Believe In Miracles…….. -Edward Hugh (Don’t Shoot the Messenger) Never was a truer word spoken, even in jest. When Mario Draghi clarified for the journalists who assembled before him at last week’s ECB press conference what the expression “The euro is irreversible” actually meant, he replied it “means we are not going back […]

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Thoughts From EconoMonitor’s Dolan, Hugh, and Deliveli

Financial Regulation – How Screwed Are We? -Ed Dolan (Ed Dolan’s Econ Blog) This past week brought a spate of articles on the woes of financial regulation. John Kay writes that the regulation we are getting “is at once extensive and intrusive, yet ineffective and largely captured by financial sector interests.” James Kwak thinks that crude capture at the […]

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? For Whom the Bell Tolls, Game Theory and the Eurozone, Interest Group Politics and the Decline of Nations – Thoughts From EconoMonitor’s Hugh, Deliveli, and Dolan

For Whom The Bell Tolls -Edward Hugh (Don’t Shoot the Messenger) One day after the Parliament in Berlin voted in favor of the Spanish bank aid package, and one week after the Spanish government announced a historically unprecedented package of austerity measures, Spanish 10 year bonds were rubbing up against the 7.3% mark while the […]

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Thoughts From EconoMonitor’s Dolan, Hugh, and Deliveli

Numbers Manipulation – Motive, Means and Opportunity -Ed Dolan (Ed Dolan’s Econ Blog) I have been thinking about some important parallels between the Libor scandal and the failure of ratings for structured securities. The parallels arise from the existence, in both cases, of the motive, means, and opportunity to manipulate the numbers for private gain. […]

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Odd Man Out, The Scourge of ‘Dependence Corruption’, Merkel Gets the Full Monti: Thoughts From Economonitor’s Hugh, Dolan, and Deliveli

Odd Man Out -Edward Hugh (Don’t Shoot the Messenger) The latest EU summit on the future of the Eurozone may well turn out to have been the exception that proves the rule, since after two years of debt crisis and an ongoing stream of similar high level events we have become accustomed to being handed […]

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Steering the Ship of Fools, U.S. Paradox of Attitudes, World’s Most Secret Real Estate Bubble: Thoughts from EconoMonitor’s Hugh, Dolan and Deliveli

Steering the Ship of Fools -Edward Hugh (Don’t Shoot the Messenger) Ship of Fools is a renowned painting by Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch. The work is considered to be an exemplification of the human condition. The ship depicted in the painting sets off from Basel, of all places, setting sail towards the Paradise of Fools. […]

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Thoughts from the EconoMonitor Community on Greek Elections, Future of the EZ, U.S. Outlook and More

Greek Elections: Returning to the Unsustainable Status Quo -Megan Greene (RGE Analysts Blog) New Democracy (ND) just barely pulled ahead of the anti-bailout, left-wing Syriza in the election on June 17th. According to the Greek constitution, the party in first place wins 50 bonus seats in parliament. With roughly 85% of the votes counted and […]

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? Stage One of the Spanish Bailout Begins; Is the Spanish Bail-Out a Turning Point? How to Make Corporations Green; The IMF on the Turkish Economy: Thoughts from Hugh, Chalamish, Dolan and Deliveli

Stage One of the Spanish Bailout Begins -Edward Hugh (Don’t Shoot The Messenger) This weekend it has been hard not to think about the first Spain bailout, and what it implies about the future of the Euro. I guess we will never know whether Mariano Rajoy uttered those two words immortalised in song by Aretha […]