The Future of the Dollar

Nowadays few things come up in economics discussions as often as the subject of dollar weakness, something that affects investors, exporters, importers and many other people that don’t even realize it. To analyze the issue, a bit of historical context is useful. The gold standard was the way in which the international monetary system maintained […]

Is High Inflation on its Way Back in Latin America?

One of the most striking aspects of Latin America over the last two decades is the reduction of inflation. In a region known for hyperinflation in the mid to late 1980s, inflation came down not only to single digit rates but to less than 5 percent –on average– in 2006, its lower rate in half […]

Chavez´s Bank

President Hugo Chavez’s initiative to create the Banco del Sur (Southern Bank) is the in process of being implemented. In the next few weeks, the presidents of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela will sign a document establishing the Banco del Sur with a initial capital of $7 bn. These funds would come primarily […]