Another More Comforting, Less Scary Way to Look at the National Debt

Summary:   Today we have one example from the flow of comforting words about the government’s deficits. While pleasant reading, written by a knowledgeable expert, it does not withstand close scrutiny. Government expert at work, keeping us warm. One of the great oddities of history is why nations adopt policies that were so obviously doomed to […]

Past and Future Effects of the Economic Stimulus

Summary:  Yesterday we examined the condition of the US economy. Today we look at a major driver of our prosperity, and what might be its long-term effects. Stand by for a boom! . Contents How we got here What do we have to show from 5 years of massive stimulus? Why continue the stimulus? Putting the stimulus […]

Why America’s Growth Is Slowing, and a Solution

Summary:  The 21st century holds many economic challenges for the world.  Rivals (eg, China). Therobot revolution (job losses from the next wave of automation). And slowing technological growth, an essential driver of the US economy.  This is a follow-up to Has America grown old, and can no longer grow? Or are wonders like the singularity in our […]

Political and Cost Implications of an American Army With Women as Combat Soldiers

Summary: Martin van Creveld discusses a timely topic: “To Wreck a Military“, Small Wars Journal, 28 January 2013. He describes the likely results of employing women as soldiers, no matter how politically and ideologically necessary. Here we examine his claims, however impolitic. His record of successful forecasts is unmatched in length and breadth by any […]

Realism about the fiscal cliff

Summary: The fiscal cliff dominates the news. What will happen if we fall off it. How we can avoid it, preferably by easy painless solutions. Here we peel back the consensus wisdom to see what lies beneath. We’ll look at the cliff from different perspectives. Contents (1)  It’s not important For three decades the results […]

Spain’s Only Three Options for Recovery

Summary:  The Euro-crisis began in March 2010, and yet its causes and basic elements remain widely misunderstood — including, based on their public statements, by many of Europe’s leaders.  Here Prof Pettis gives a clear explanation of what’s happening, and of Spain’s only three ways out of this crisis. Excerpt from “Three cheers for the […]

Student Debt: Onerous For the Young, a Drag on Society – and a Major Future Problem

Summary: While the nation focuses on the concerns of old white people (which dominated the election), our young — our future — have different problems.  Such as rising inequality of wealth & income.  Starting different children at different rungs of the ladder generates positive feedback (like a pebble thrown down a rocky hillside, with the […]