Good News About Climate Change!

Summary: To start your week on a pleasant note, here are articles giving good news from climate scientists. It’s easily lost amidst the predictions of apocalypse soon. At the very least, these suggest that we have more time to prepare than commonly expected. Contents Update on the rising seas New research about the effect of […]

Will a Wave of Leakers Undercut America’s National Security?

Summary: Will hordes of Americans working for security services become leakers, undercutting the government’s wall of secrecy and endangering national security? Many national security experts worry about this. Before we attempt an answer, let’s examine why people become leakers — and who becomes leakers. Why become a leaker? Two of the most prominent recent leakers […]

The Oklahoma Tornadoes Can Teach Us About Our Climate, and Ourselves

Summary:  The reactions to major  events reveals much about us and our institutions. Such as the tragic Oklahoma tornadoes, showing the usual propaganda, the evolution of the news media, and an opportunity to learn about climate science. Those seeking to use global warming to change US public policy have become desperate as the failure of […]

There is No Problem With America’s Political System, or the Republic

Summary:  I’m often asked for solutions to the most serious problem facing the Republic, the erosion of its foundation. There is a simple answer. The question makes a false assumption. Understanding this allows a clearer vision of America, and our available choices. An incident from the Constitutional Convention: Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Dr. Franklin […]

We Can See Our True Selves in the Propaganda Used Against Us

Summary: Powerful interest groups provide a mirror in which we can see our true selves. Their well-funded expert opinion manipulators know our real hopes and fears, and manipulate them to mold public opinion. This is one of a long series of posts showing how both Left and Right have drawn the same conclusion, both sides […]

The April Jobs Report Shows Continued Slow Growth, Bought at Great Cost

Summary:  The news media focuses on the month-to-month changes in the jobs report, which consist mostly of noise. Strong months confirm the optimists; weak months confirm the pessimists. In fact the trend of growth remains the real story, with the US economy near stall speed — supported only (like the other developed nations) by massive multi-year fiscal and monetary stimulus. […]

Is Social Unrest Coming to Europe? If Not, Why Not?

Summary: Five years of crisis in Europe, yet its streets remain mostly calm. What accounts for this? How long will it continue? “At the heart of the crisis, there is the challenge of redefining the social contract to safeguard the sustainability of Europe’s social model.” — Speech by Benoit Coeure (Executive Board of the ECB), 2 March […]