Bali and Beyond: Building Momentum for Trade Deals and Global Commerce

The WTO talks in Bali last month brought good news for business and consumers worldwide. New trade liberalization measures will lower barriers to global commerce, bringing a much-needed boost to economic development in established and emerging markets alike. As support for global cooperation has declined in recent years, the Bali Package also gives hope to […]

Egypt’s Economic Future and and the Need for Outward Strategy

The Egyptian economy, currently in dire straits, is vital to the country’s stability, and stability in Egypt is a central interest of Israel as well. While in the long term, future governments can adopt and implement policies to improve Egypt’s economy, the short term impact of the recent political revolution exacerbates the current conditions. Adopting […]

Israeli Elections and Foreign Investors

While recent elections in Israel have led to Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection, there are many uncertainties around the profile of his new coalition and its impact on foreign and economic policies. A lot has been said about Israel’s vote to reenergize the peace process with the Palestinians and the need to adopt social and economic policies […]

Latin America and New Global Economic Order: Post Elections Analysis

Latin America is America’s third largest trade partner. Its continuous economic growth is critical not only to the region itself, but also to essential segments of the U.S. economy. Yet, American leadership and business communities have not invested adequate resources to support this important strategic connection. The toll may be high on all fronts. Looking […]

On Finance and U.S. Political Future

We have recently seen an influx of articles and books address the future of the West, and more specially the United States. “That Used to Be Us” and “The Post-American World” are some of the most popular titles. Apparently, it is hard to resist the temptation of trying to predict the prospects of a struggling […]

Investing in a G20 World

G20 leaders concluded their meeting this week in Los Cabos, Mexico, with yet another broad declaration on the future of the world economy and the role of G20 members in promoting growth and jobs. Supporting economic stabilization, fostering employment and social protection, strengthening the international financial architecture, and reforming the financial sector are some of […]

The Return of Investment Policy – The U.S. Is Back in the Game

Foreign investment policy hasn’t been the main focus of the U.S. government in recent years. However, this may begin to change and industry leaders should not stay behind. Inconsistent and fragmented U.S. government decisions have made it difficult for foreign investors in the U.S. to make critical investment decisions. The primary focus on trade policies, […]

Local or Global? The New Wave of Sovereign Funds

Several countries announced recently their respective plans to establish a sovereign fund to better manage their national wealth. This trend is quite strong in Latin America and Africa, where several nations face a new commodities boom. Even Israel announced a new sovereign fund based on its newly discovered off-shore natural gas. These announcements immediately caused […]

Let’s Talk about Trade

Trade policies are not a sexy business. Customs, anti-dumping, subsidies are just some of the concepts international investors are trying to avoid. Yet, recent weeks reminded all of us that trade can make headlines. And make or break industries around the globe. The subsidies to the aerospace industry in the EU and USA, the limitations […]