Feeling Smug?

I have had a nice weekend not least because I have finally received my new laptop and as the first, of many, blog entries to be typed I would like to point your attention to some recent comments made by the German finance minister Peer Steinbrueck in the context of the increasing risk of further […]

Quantitative Easing à l´ECB

One cannot fault the good journalists for trying, one really can’t. Yet, as hard as they tried they could not get President Trichet to concede that the ECB has now entered some form or state of quantitative easing as well as they could not wring an answer as to whether the 1% interest stance would […]

The CEE and the Baltics – Moving Towards the Center of the Storm?

As I peer out my window over towards the Alps and the northern entrance to Le Vallé du Rhône I can’t help asking myself whether some of those experiments which are habitually conducted a mere 40 kilometers from my current habitat haven’t gone terribly wrong? With every passing day getting I find it more and more difficult to avoid associating all those worthy attempts to uncover that illusive Hick’s Particle with the all-encompassing black hole into which our financial markets seem to be getting sucked with a disturbing velocity, despite the numerous efforts by the global financial authorities to invent some sort of monetary equivalent to “anti-matter”.

Chile’s Economy In Perspective – October 2008

Executive Summary and Outlook on key indicators There are many lenses and perspectives through which to look at economic development. In this note, the process known as the demographic dividend is conceptualized in a Chilean context. The analysis shows how Chile during the past two decades has benefited from the dividend proxied by the increasingly […]

Economic Growth in Chile

There are many perspectives through which to look at economic development and growth. Geography, institutions or perhaps just plain good old physical capital accumulation are all important parameters. This small piece suggests a further metric and attempts to frame the argument with Chile as a case study. Specifically, this note explains the process known as […]

The ECB – All Talk, No Walk?

A good relationship need not, at each and every moment in time, be characterized by passion and desire. In fact the relationships which best endure the relentless erosion of time are often those where mutual respect and acceptance of difference form the cornerstones. Although I am, I have to admit, by no means an expert […]