China and Metal – Playing the Long Game

It is my considered opinion that the West is underestimating China on a number of different levels. If we want to talk superpower politics, then China has always been a superpower albeit one that has been slumbering for 60 years. Remember the last 100 years is a very short period in China’s history. In 10,000 […]

Is China Going off the Rails?

The New York Times have an interesting article on China’s break neck rail growth. I have an interest in this article as I recently took the 30 minute Beijing – Tianjin train. It was great. Very fast, relatively cheap (this is a moot point) and similar in comfort to a first class air flight. I should add that the train was full when I travelled – see point in the article below.

Pettis is very good. He is also correct about China’s level of infrastructure relative to its level of development. He should not underestimate the power of a trophy however.

China Bank Fraud Shock – Not

When I saw the headline that the Royal Bank of Scotland was investigating fraud at its China operations my initial thoughts are “what took so long”.

All banks in China have to accept fraud as an occupational hazard. This is a problem that will not go away quickly.

Property: The Bubble that Keeps on Inflating

In recent weeks I have read articles in the economist arguing that there is no bubble in Chinese property. I am not in that camp and believe that there is a bubble that is getting to dangerous proportions. At last the FT is taking this issue seriously. I will not repeat the reasons – some […]

Pictures of Pollution in China

The blog post title says it all. These are great pictures that should be seen to be believed. Some make for very depressing viewing and are very far from the hotel in central Beijing that I recently stayed at. Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China [China Hush] Originally published at China Economics Blog and reproduced here […]

Overcapacity to be Curbed

The China stimulus package has been something to behold. Massive compared to other countries and a massive distortion. Whilst is may have saved the global economy (in the short term) it is/has stored up a whole lot of trouble. Bubbles in the stock market and property market to name the obvious ones. Actually they are […]

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